Steel Cable vs. Synthetic Winch Rope: Which is Better

Steel Cable vs. Synthetic Winch Rope: Which is Better?

Synthetic winch rope serves as a non-metallic upgrade vs. conventional steel cable and is much easier to work with. Custom Splice offers custom-length AmSteel Winch Ropes and Diamond Line Winch Ropes for your specific application and ships them right to your door!

Here is a helpful winch cable strength chart:

Why is Custom Splice AmSteel Blue and Diamond Line Winch Rope better than Steel Cable?

  • 1/7th the weight of steel cable, yet superior in strength
  • Has no memory and will not kink or burr like steel cable
  • Floats on water!
  • Can be handled easily without gloves
  • Will not freeze hands or conduct heat
  • Does not absorb water and will not rust
  • Recommended for Marine Off-Road applications 

Find the correct rope for your winch on our Synthetic Winch Rope Conversion Chart HERE