The Ultra4 Nationals Recap

It is amazing what you can accomplish with the right team.

If you have never been to an Ultra4 event, Todd highly recommends putting one on your schedule for 2022. Todd traveled down to Davis Oklahoma Tuesday Oct 12th and helped mark the course, setup the live coverage, and help with power.  Wednesday night Grayson, Todd's son got down to Crossbar Ranch in Davis, for his first Ultra4 Race.  Thursday night we put on the Inaugural Ultra Kart Race in Norman.  40 of us loaded up on a party bus, got stuck in traffic,  had a blast telling stories and talking to several of our friends that we know from racing, and the internet.   Congrats to Winners of the Kart Race!    Jamie Bachman won the overall.  

Congrats to all winners of the Ultra4 Classes for both the race and the National Championships.   See you at King of the Hammers in February. 

Thanks to Jess, Allen, Matt, Grayson, Dan, with SDHQ, Adam with Tribe16, The whole Crossbar crew, West Catering, and all the Ultra4 staff for a great event and great year where we faced many challenges.



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