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Custom Splice - AmSteel Blue

3/8 Main Line Winch Rope - AmSteel Blue


3/8" Amsteel Blue is rated for an average strength of 19,600 lbs., and minimum strength of 17,600 lbs - Designed to be a direct replacement for Standard Jeep, Truck, and Buggy 8,000 to 15,000 LB Winches from Several Manufacturers.

The original synthetic winch rope, AmSteel Blue is American made by the oldest US rope manufacturer. Don’t compromise on excellence. AmSteel Blue offers you a safer, easier to work with, non-metallic upgrade to conventional steel cable. The samthane coating is a step up from the Diamond Line providing protection from ultraviolet rays. The 12-strand single braid yields the maximum in strength-to-weight ratio and, size-for-size, Is the same strength as steel.


AmSteel Blue Benefits:

  • Superior flex fatigue and wear resistence
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Floats on water, making water recoveries easier
  • 1/7 the weight of comparable steel cable
  • UV stabilized


Be prepared with a winch loaded with AmSteel Blue’s extremely low stretch, superior flex fatigue and wear resistance.  Includes 5’ UV-resistant abrasion guard to protect from rocks and other obstacles.


Safety is a key component of all our synthetic rope products:

  • No stored energy—if breaking point hit line will give way and fall to the ground
  • Does not conduct heat or electricity
  • Tube thimble keeps thimble secured in eye to add protection
  • Easy to inspect and field splice
  • Torque free—will not twist under tension
  • No memory retention


Check our chart to see if this rope with fit your winch.



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