Be Safe Out There with Synthetic Winch Rope

Synthetic Winch Rope is a much safer option than traditional steel cable. When you are out in the field the last thing you want to worry about is the bite of steel cable.

Benefits of working with Synthetic Winch Rope in the field instead of steel cable.

Our AmSteel® Blue and Diamond Line do not store energy. If the breaking point is hit, our lines will give way and fall to the ground. And if it does happen to break, synthetic is easy to inspect and field splice. They are also torque free so they won’t twist under tension. Unlike steel cable, synthetic rope does not conduct heat or electricity.

Recovering a flipped Jeep with Custom Splice Synthetic Winch Rope.

At 1/7th the weight of comparable steel cable, our AmSteel® Blue and Diamond Line are easier to work with and maneuver. Even though it is light, it offers the same strength (or is often stronger) as comparable steel cable. It also floats on water, making water recoveries easier and safer.

Using Custom Splice Synthetic Winch Rope to recover a jeep stuck in a creek.

We have the right rope for every set-up. Find the right fit here or contact us for a custom rope for your specific application at or 785.856.1844.




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