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Custom Splice

Diamond Rattler Extension


3/8 x 50 is the only one with Grey, Orange or Blue color options.


Custom Splice's Newest Extension rope has a Tube Thimble on one end and a Fang soft shackle on the other end.

This eliminates one more thing you need to carry with you for a recovery package and gives you one more tool in your bag for accomplishing the task.

These ropes are available in several diameters and lengths. 


Rope Diameter Rope Breaking Strength

1/4 Inch (0.25)

8,000 LBS

5/16 Inch (0.3125)

12,000 LBS

3/8 Inch (0.375)

18,000 LBS

1/2 Inch (0.5)

32,000 LBS
Have you seen our new Rattler Extension Ropes?
These Winch Extensions are an easy way to get you more reach for your recovery needs. Ever been a few short to reach the anchor point? Ever been disappointed in the length of your rope after you have to use a pulley? These Rattler Winch Extensions have a built-in Soft Shackle to make it easy to connect to Tree Saver or other Vehicle.

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