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Custom Splice

1/2 Diamondback Mainline Winch Rope


Custom Splice's Diamondback double braided rope has a tightly woven "Snakeskin" Exterior to guard against abrasion and protect the core from damage from the outside. 

1/2 has a 28,500 LB AVG Breaking Strength

The 1/2 Diamondback Line Synthetic Winch Rope Mainlines include a 10' chafe guard and one end is spliced with a Steel Tube Thimble Eyelet. The Drum end has a crimped on connector for attaching to drums with a button head screw.  This end can be cut off if your winch has a different connection.  

Highly Flexible

Floats on water

The double braided construction helps keep dirt away from the rope's core. 

Tougher than Single Braided ropes, where the core of the rope is always exposed.

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