Introducing Our New Diamondback Synthetic Winch Rope!


"Snakeskin" Protects from Abrasion and Core Damage

We have been hard at work developing our new Diamondback Winch Rope and we are pumped to finally introduce our customers to this amazing new product. 

Diamondback Winch Rope

Diamondback Winch Rope has a tightly woven "Snakeskin" Exterior to guard against abrasion and protect the core from damage from the outside. The mainline features a 5' or 10' Chafe Guard (Depending on Diameter) with one end spliced with a Steel Tube Thimble Eyelet. The Drum end has a crimped connector for attaching to drums simply with a button head screw. (This end can be cut off if your winch has a different connection.)


With its double braided construction, Diamondback is tough. Single braid ropes always have the core exposed but our new design keeps it protected and clean. Plus it maintains the incredible benefits of our other synthetic winch rope products. It is highly flexible, floats on water, has less then 3% stretch and is 1/7 the weight of steel cable making it safer and more reliable. This snake doesn't bite.

We've received our first shipment of ropes and are somewhat limited on colors and sizes but we just couldn't wait to get these in your hands. Make sure to check out the options quickly so you can get what you want while it is in stock! We will be ordering more based upon customer feedback so let us know what you need by emailing us at with the specs. 

Currently we have in stock:

1/4" in blue, grey, pink, orange and yellow

3/8" in blue and grey

7/16" in blue

Let us know what you think! Share your pictures of your Diamondback at work on our Facebook page (#csdiamondback) or send us an email with your review. 

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  • Rick Malone: February 15, 2023

    Was wondering if you make up synthetic winch rope extensions?

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