Been thinkin' on Mud Nationals 2017

2017 was our 10th year at Mud Nationals and we had a few challenges... 

I was recovering from a broken ankle plus we had another show that backed up to Mud Nats the week before. On our trip we had our fridge go out in the RV and had to have it replaced in the park. But we made the best of it and had an awesome time, as always.

Todd had a great view from his recliner looking out on the isleMy view reclining in the booth. With my ankle healing I spent a lot of time just like this!

I talked to a lot of our best customers at the event and we were happy to help solve issues related to winching and recovery.

With all that we were dealing with I was glad to have the support of friends we have made over the last 10 years at Mud Nationals. And once again, friends were made that we never expected.

Custom Splice's booth setup waiting on customers to get into the park

The Custom Splice Booth @ Mud Nats 2017

Even though I had to spend a lot of time chilling in the Recliner, I was still able to assist out awesome customers. In the picture above I'm prepping for a customer to bring in his ATV so we could replace the rope and install a rubber stopper so his hook would not damage his fairlead.  

Viper Winch Rubber Stopper

This is the ATV/UTV Rubber Stopper if you want to check it out.

We sell a ton of products at Mud Nationals each year. This year our our best selling items included our Soft Shackles, 1/4" x 55' Diamond Line, and our 6" Fairleads

Mud Nationals Best selling products

We had a big storm pass by and we hunkered down in the trailer waiting on it to pass.  Always a good time to get to know each other better.

2017 Mud Nationals had the biggest ATV's and UTV's we had ever seen!

Checking out one of the Monster SXS's at Mud Nationals

Erin really liked this SXS

Orange is always a fan favorite.

Custom UTV from Mud Nats

Lifted Tow Rig

The lifted tow rigs with custom paint are always an eye catcher.

Custom Splice's Customer's Mud Nationals 2017 UTV Carnage

The carnage we saw on various machines was impressive--we know this guy had an expensive weekend.

 Custom Splice loves solving problems. This customer had sucked his hook in too tight and cracked the cast aluminum fairlead. We set him up with one of our Billet Aluminum Fairleads, and showed him a better way to store his rope and hook.

Another Broken Cast Aluminum Fairlead

Our 6061 Aluminum Fairleads are machined in-house in Lawrence, KS and are designed to replace steel rollers or cast cell fairleads when you convert to synthetic.

Sand Pit Parties are always the best.

It is amazing where your friends will take you when you have a broken ankle.  It is not Mud Nationals until you go down to the Sand Pit!

We cannot thank our customers or the staff of Highlifter and Mud Creek enough for all the work they do to put the Mud Nationals events together. We will see you again next year!

~Todd, President of Custom Splice 



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