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Custom Splice

Synthetic Winch Rope ODD Lengths - AmSteel Blue, Diamond, Diamondback


We tend to accumulate lots of scrap lengths from cutting spools to length and making custom ropes from other precut lengths.

We offer these to our customers at a discount,  The Diamond and the AmSteel Blue we are happy to take put ends on for you for a small fee,( We are not offering the splicing on the Diamondback but it is easy to do with a Fast Fid and a little practice). If you want us to do that, please put a note in at checkout and we will modify your invoice after you checkout for the price difference, let us know how you want the rope configured,  if you have us splice the rope, it will be shorter than what you ordered, as we are listing raw length.

These also are great for customers that might want to make their own soft shackles at home.

These are not cut to order,  If shows its not available or sold out check another option set.

 As of 5/5 we have about 1/2 our available ropes listed, but we will be adding more as we sell these out, and time allows.

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