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Custom Splice

The FANG - Soft Shackle Connection


The FANG is the newest evolution of the Soft Shackle, featuring an integrated Braided Chafe Guard and more refined construction for ATVs, UTVs and more.

The core of The FANG is comprised of the combination of the Diamond Line Rope core and the DiamondBack Snakeskin exterior!

We also have our 1/8 inch Utility Fangs listed HERE, they are great for keychains.

We also offer Extended Length 3/8 Fang Soft Shackles Check them out here. 


Breaking Strength


3/16 7,500 LBS ATV's and Utility


15,000 LBS



36,000 LBS

Jeeps and 1/2 Ton Trucks

1/2" 44,000 LBS 1 Ton Trucks and Light Equipment
7/8" 115,000 LBS Tractors and Heavy Equipment
1" Large Tractors and Heavy Equipment

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